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Here at Soul Vegetarian we are keenly aware of how foods affect a person’s well-being and quality of life. As we listen to the needs and desires of our community family, we have found that the success of our product is interlinked with our commitment to the great service we provide in keeping our social and natural environments healthy and in cycle. For our products success is as much about what they do not contain as it is about what they do contain that will affect our health and wellness. It is because of this we use only the highest quality ingredients, and employ the most sincere efforts in creating a lasting impact on those we serve in our community and abroad. We maintain a kosher-parve and 100 percent vegan manufacturing process which attests to our seriousness and dedication to the welfare of our human family.

For thirty years the Soul Vegetarian family has worked intimately with a host of non-profit organizations, schools, and community groups aimed at making positive changes for the betterment of our planet. We have sponsored and participated in numerable events and donated to many causes that align with our core values — which in case you haven’t noticed promote community involvement and preserving the natural resources of our planet. We’re committed to making healthy, life-giving foods that meet the dietary needs of a growing population of dairy alternative seekers, who tend to be active in areas of food and environmental activism just as we are.

Unique in its own right the philosophy of Soul Vegetarian’s DreamKream is simple – generate the healthiest and most delicious product possible while using the finest and purest ingredients to craft DreamKream. We take our communities’ health into consideration in all that we do and for those that are lactose intolerant, we understand. It is a way of serving our community with Love and appreciation. This practice is as demanding as it is uncommon. Therefore it is the reason that our brand epitomized great service and healthy choices for over three decades.

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