• DreamKream Retailer

How Would You Like to Redeem through DreamKream?
We’re always looking for serious ice cream lovers to help spread our amazing concept and world-class brand in an effort to redeem our human family. If you would like to aid in elevating the dietary consciousness of humanity, please carefully read each of the sections below to learn all about becoming a retailer of our awesome new product. After you have reviewed your options and think you would make a good DreamKream ambassador, then we would love to hear from you. Come and help us “Redeem through DreamKream!”

Here are a few ways you can sell our product.
• Pint Shop – You can add DreamKream to your pre-existing range of frozen treats to add an alternative to your more health conscious market as well as appease your current customer bases by offering another delicious treat to your selection.
• Convenient Store
• Grocery Store
• Scoop Shop – Start up a DreamKream Scoop Shop anywhere and begin a journey of a lifetime! We encourage entrepreneurs to get creative and venture into the ascension realm with a business in everyone’s favorite dessert; Ice cream. DreamKream is extremely marketable and practically sells itself.
• 3 gallon cans

To learn more about this great opportunity please contact us at our Main Office at (404) 916-5587.

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