• Testimonials

“I must be honest, I was skeptical at first but now I can’t get enough… Soul Veg did it this time!”
Joy Liz – Soul Vegetarian Customer

“I could never eat ice cream. It didn’t sit well with me, but man! This is really wonderful! I’m grateful for so many flavors. It’s all good with me, thank you for a natural non dairy ice cream I can enjoy!”
Herman Parramore - Student

“I’d definitely offer this product to my customers. Like you said, ‘it sells itself’. People are looking for products like this nowadays; it’s what the people want something new, healthy, sweet and smooth.”
James Bolds - Store Owner

“All of my friends and I can’t stay out of the juice bar at Soul Vegetarian because of this ice cream! We get DreamKream shakes almost every day here. You all have something special in this product!”
Patricia Locks - Teacher
“I’m so glad your ice cream is sold in a pint size container, I can take some home now.”
Chris Woods – Technician

“DreamKream is a blessing, it is a special item that represents something more than just ice cream, and it is born out of care and concern for health and wellbeing. Five flavors of natural, kosher and vegan ice cream! I like ice cream but love DreamKream. With products like this the whole world should be vegan.”
Ahsaf Rahm – Community Developer

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